The Team

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Next level thinking, planning and strategy create a proactive environment in a frequently reactive industry.


Making a quality product in a healthy and safe environment for the end user is our number one priority.


We pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest technology and industry standards, both nationally and internationally.

Chief Executive Officer

Beth Tobin

Beth Tobin has been boots on the ground in the industry for over 9 years, running her own hemp / specific consulting company and attending business conferences and policy making events nationwide - when that was still a thing! She keeps us informed and ahead of the game. A serial entrepreneur and business owner with deep roots in marketing she has proven time and again that critical thinking, compassion and curiosity are her secret recipe for success.

Chief Information Officer

Rick Needham

Rick Needham is a serial entrepreneur with deep roots in both IT and Agriculture. Creating his first start up in his early thirties while simultaneously attending medical school. He is a huge asset to our team and speaks to all levels of our business model; we are very fortunate to have him on board our team!

Chief Medical Officer

Thomas P. Phillips, M.D.

Dr. Phillips practiced as an orthopedic surgeon for more than 35 years with a focus on hand/upper extremity care and sports medicine. He also served as a Team Physician for the Kansas City Royals for 30 years. Today, as a part of the Heartland Purity team, he is passionate about furthering the research and knowledge of the benefits and uses of CBD for health and healing.


Rocky Baker

Rocky Baker is a decorated, retired Naval Aviator, and most recently stepped away from his position as a Captain at Southwest Airlines. His role is to lead Heartland Purity with the same charismatic, aggressive leadership style he is widely known and admired for by all who have been fortunate enough to fly with or work alongside him 


Todd Tobin

Todd Tobin is decorated military veteran and career naval aviator with a unique leadership style. His Naval career included collaborative work with the United States Air Force, the Navy SEALS and the Korean ROK SEALS. His expertise in operations and creating high functioning, well-run facilities help set Heartland Purity apart from the pack, allowing everyone else to focus on the bigger picture. Making a world-class product!

Supply & Logistics

Cole Kimball

Cole Kimball excels in written and verbal communication skills and has

excellent working knowledge of the industry. His creative thinking and

excellent problem-solving skills along with good time management add much needed balance and support to our team. His prior experience as a lobbyist gives us strong insight into the inner workings of the political climate of the industry.